Panacea: a remedy for all ills or difficulties

As defined by Merriam-Webster: "In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, alchemists who sought to concoct the "elixir of life" (which would give eternal life) and the "philosopher's stone" (which would turn ordinary metals into gold) also labored to find the panacea. But no such medicine was ever found, just as no solution to all of a society's difficulties has ever been found. Thus, panacea is almost always used to criticize the very idea of a total solution. "

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About Us

In current times people think that machine learning is the panacea, a belief that is far from the truth. At panacea lab we aim to build machine learning, computer vision, and NLP methods that help to generate insights from multi-modal large-scale data sources. With applications to precision medicine, medical informatics, astroinformatics and other domains, our work addresses domain-specific problems with data science methods and practices. Additionally, we are fully invested in helping science reproducibility by releasing (when possible) open-source and publicly available datasets and tools to aid reproducibility efforts.

With the new challenges brought by the data deluge in all fields, we are open to collaborations. Contact us here.

Our lab is supported by: Department of Veterans Affairs (Grant 1 I01 HX002487-01) and National Institute of Aging through Stanford Universitiy's Stanford Aging & Ethnogeriatrics Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center (SAGE) center (Grant 3P30AG059307-02S1)

Software and Datasets


R package for Automated PHenotype Routine for Observational Definition, Identification, Training and Evaluation (APHRODITE). Built the OHDSI collaborative.

Github Link


R package for Mapping Between OHDSI Concept Identifiers to Unified Medical Language System (UMLS). Built for the OHDSI collaborative.

Github Link


A curated and standardized adverse drug event resource to accelerate drug safety research. Built for the OHDSI collaborative.

Dryad Link | Github Link


A large-scale solar dynamics observatory image dataset for computer vision applications.

Harvard Dataverse Link | Github Link


Provenance-centered dataset of drug-drug interactions.

Github Link


Introducing a Data Mining Framework for the Creation of Large-scale Content-based Image Retrieval Systems

Github Link

For a other code and datasets visit the lab's github page.

Lab Members


Juan M. Banda, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator


Ramya Tekumalla

CS PhD Student


Toqi Tahamid Sarker

CS PhD Student


Bhaskar Ray

CS PhD Student


Cynthia Khan

MS Student


Geeth Anirudh Suryadevara

MS Student


Kimberly Luviano-Garcia

UAP Scholar

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+1 404-413-5585

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