After last week's meeting, I found the html tags that contain the content of the entire tweet, all the way down to the username and time stamp.

It is contained within a div element with a class attribute named content. I have been using beautiful soup to isolate these chunks, and I have successfully isolated them over the weekend. I hope that by isolating these chunks isolating everything else can follow in an orderly fashion when I output the information to the screen. I did not want to print out all of the user id's or a certain aspect of the tweet all out once without the rest of the information following it, since the user id would have no context, no tweet to tie it to.

I have extracted the username of a tweet and its time stamp from a sample hash tag search. The method I am using so far has worked with this same sample, but I have not tried it with any other html sample from another twitter hashtag search. Even though I have been working with the same sample, I plan to expand my methods so that I can make it functional across any hashtag found.

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